Our family

Our family

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pressing On

I told you I wouldn't wait another six months to do another post! I am actually about 2 weeks tardy with this post, but things have been crazy around here, as usual. However, I still wanted to give everyone an update on the latest with the Taylor family.

Not a whole lot has really changed since my last post. I won't detail my schedule out for you again like I did last time, so if you're not sure of our daily schedule you can go back and read my last post. Really, we have just been in school, work, and family mode lately. Hannah and Caitlyn are growing up faster and faster by the week and Jenn and I can barely keep up! We have also officially began the countdown until our son is born! Jenn is officially 36 weeks now and ready to get this baby out! Her due date is June 3. Please pray for her as she completes the last couple weeks of this pregnancy. She is still feeling extremely sick and nauseated like she has been the last 8 months. She is one tough girl, but she is tired of feeling sick. I will never claim to be tougher than she is! I would be the biggest baby if I had to go what she goes through on a daily basis. Some of you might remember that our oldest daugher, Hannah, was born at 36 weeks, so we know we are coming down the wire now.

I had a one week break from school last week and was able to get the room painted a nice blue color and start the preparations for the baby! With the upcoming birth, the next couple months are really going to be tough with my schedule and a full house. We would really appreciate your prayers during this time because I know the we will all be stretched to our limits.

I wanted to also take some time to thank all those who have been supporting us, through prayer and/or financially. Your support means so much to us and I can tell you that we would not be able to make it without your help. One thing I regret is that Jenn and I don't have time to meet with each of our supporters over coffee just to thank them and let them know how important they are. One day we hope to get that opportunity.

A quick update on school:
I am now in the third trimester (there are 6 total) of my mechanic school. It's hard to believe I"m almost halfway done! The class I am in now we are learning aircraft structures which consists of sheet metal, composites, and other aircraft materials that we must be familiar with when it comes to repairing part of the plane that doesn't involve the engine. So far I am enjoying it and have been making good grades in all of my classes. I will obviously have to miss some class time with the baby coming, so please pray for a healthy baby and mom!

I know this is a shorter post than normal, but I'm doing everything possible to keep our supporters and friends updated with what we are doing. Again, we thank everyone who is walking with us as we prepare to go to the nations. We will definitely be updating everyone on the baby and how that all shakes down.

One more thing I want to mention. If you have been praying or even considered supporting us financially or through prayer, we definitely want to invite you to do so. We are sponsored field partners through GMF (Global Ministries Foundation) here in Memphis. They handle all of our support finances and each gift is tax deductible. The most convenient way to give is to go to their website, www.gmfonline.org. There you will see a link to give financially. The page will then pull up a form to fill out your information with your preferred payment and when you to give. You will see a drop down menu that has all of GMF's field partners. Scroll down and you will see our name under "Taylor - Missionary Aviation Outreach".

You are each a blessing to us and we thank you for all of your encouragement and support, however that may look! May the Lord bless you and your family and we look forward to updating you soon on the new addition to our family!