Our family

Our family

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just a little announcement!

Have been working on these birth announcement cards from Shutterfly. So easy and fun to do! I even had a gift card that I received for free when I bought something in a Motherhood Maternity store several months ago!

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Family of Five!

Caleb Andrew Taylor is here! He was born on May 25, 2011 at 6:19 am weighing 8 lbs. 1 oz. What a crazy delivery this was, and we are still amazed at how quickly he came! Praise the Lord that He is in control of everything and that everything is done in His perfect timing.

This labor/delivery went so quickly! I was planning to have a natural birth again this time (God willing!) so I began asking God awhile back if this labor could be short. Well, he certainly answered that prayer! Caleb was born just 4 minutes after we ran into the hospital room! I awoke around 3:15 am with a contraction and laid in the bed until I had another one, about 8 minutes later. At that point I was awake and thinking this could be it! I got out of bed and checked my email for a little bit before waking Andrew around 3:45 am. I told him my contractions were still sporadic and not too painful and encouraged him to go back to sleep for a little bit. He started to close his eyes, but thank goodness he decided he should get up and take a shower. My contractions continued to increase in strength and duration but not in frequency, so we kept waiting at home. Andrew's mom came over early to stay here with the girls, and I finished packing my bag and cleaning up a little around the house! We finally decided to leave for the hospital close to 6 am, and I had 2 long contractions back to back before I could get in the car. Once the contractions stopped I jumped in the car and Andrew quickly sped to the hospital. Methodist Germantown hospital is about 25 minutes from our house, but Andrew got us there in 10 minutes! The entire drive I felt like I needed to push and was fighting it---that was tough! Andrew was driving so fast, and I was just praying that we didn't have a wreck. I was also debating whether or not to ask him to pull over and call 911! The only thing I could say to him was, "When we get to the hospital, tell them I have to push now!" I think that scared him and he started driving even faster! And I just kept praying that God would keep Caleb safe and hold him in until we made it to the hospital. I kept visualizing the hospital bed and focusing on that.

Finally we made it to the hospital! Andrew pulled up to the front entrance and ran to get me a wheelchair while I pulled myself out of the car and started to walk in, clinging to the wall and trying to breathe. Andrew came flying around the corner with the wheelchair and raced with me to the admissions desk. The admissions lady was trying to ask us 4,000 questions quickly while I was practically ripping the arm off the wheelchair, panting, humming, and then whistling (for some reason whistling really helped but probably sounded crazy as it echoed all through the lobby of the hospital!). Then the admissions lady asked, "Is she having any contractions?" I almost came out of the chair and choked her---but I was afraid if I moved that the baby would come flying out. Finally they let us back to the rooms and a very kind pediatrician opened all the security doors for us as we ran through the halls! We flew to the room and I practically jumped onto the bed. I'm not sure the nurses believed that I really needed to push until they checked me and found that I was 10 cm, 100% effaced. Then they flew into action and the on call doctor came running! 1 push later and Caleb arrived screaming!

We couldn't believe how quickly this labor/delivery went! And then we realized that we almost didn't make it to the hospital. I think we were both in shock at how quickly everything occurred and how gracious God was in allowing Caleb to be healthy and safe. This was definitely a delivery that I won't forget! We are so thankful for our family and all they have done to help us during this time. We definitely couldn't make it without them, and we are so fortunate that our parents love their grandkids! And I definitely have to brag on Andrew--he was wonderful and such a help to me. He was my voice when I couldn't say a word and was such an encouragement! His quick driving got us to the hospital just in time. What a wonderful husband I have--what a blessing from the Lord. He is an amazing dad and always puts the kids and me before himself.

We are enjoying life as a family of 5 now and just trying to figure out a new normal. The girls just love their little buddy and can't keep their hands off him! The Lord has been so gracious to us, and our prayer is that Hannah, Cate, and Caleb will grow to love Him with all their heart, soul, and mind.